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Drake Scorpion Album Review

Drake Scorpion Album Review

He’s nothing like the last one, gangster love and everything that has to do with pride, Drake serves us hot cocoa on a rainy day in form of Rap music.

The first ever hip hop double album was released in 1998 by Dj Jazzy and The Fresh Prince. It’s safe to say that they opened up the eyes of hip up artists to an endless world of possibilities when it comes to music.
For Drake, a man who cherishes his legacy, it’s not far fetched that he has decided to make an A & B side on a double album.

The 12 track on the A side are filled with bodying rap tracks. I’m upset and everyone’s sweetheart, God’s plan are listed in as part of the track list for the A side, so it’s confirmed.
The most amazing thing is Jay Z being the only feature on this side and somehow does magic while at it.

Everyone just like me is waiting for a response to Pusha T’s diss to him and we hope he destroys him and open up about having a son.
From me to you, here’s my take on everything Scorpion has to offer on Side A.



This song starts off with a slow build up. Slow laced beats but he’s armed with his rap tone. Okay! He starts falling in line with the rap. Drake sounds corny. His rhymes are systematic. He’s not making a fuss about this song cause he’s so calm. He says it himself, ‘This is just the intro’.
I am 100% sure that this intro was written right after his beef with Pusha T. For a song that’s so peaceful and mellow, Drake does not let that control how his flows come out.


Yay Keith made some crazy ass magic on this one. Nah! This trap beat is going in so deep. This is delicious, I’m so happy! This is the kinda song you listen to with a speaker. It would catch a body. There’s so much bars on this one. Summer time is going to have a field day. Okay he pushed out Pusha with that “Light-skin/ dark nigga” line. I love it.
Does flow is so smooth and sharp. Him talking in between bars makes it more perfect.
This new is monstrous, I’m in awe. The A- side to this album is gold, I’m ready.


This one starts off, slow build up. It sounds like he’s celebrating something or so he says. His pitch switch up is perfect. Okay his second verse is going create. Whose name did he mention? Who’s Miss Crayton?
This is the track, he’s so smooth. I’m happy, I won’t smoothie track even if I’m paid to. Th production for this album has been amazing so far. Short songs though but everything my ears needed.
Drake sounds deep within thought. There’s a whole lot of weird names he’s mentioning but let us rise.


This song has me buzzing. Well there’s a whole log of dropped expo on this one. A whole lot longer than the others. 5 minutes of pure truth cause Drake has all the time today. He starts off with what I think is a Mariah sample.
The drums drop and Drake is with t. Feels like he’s directly talking to someone. Pusha? He did us tutu by the name of this song. He definitely had a whole lot of emotions in this one.
This is the Drake we love, so definitive with his beats and his lyrics.
He talks about his kid. He claims he’s not hiding the kid but oh well. Everyone wants a piece of the juicy gossip but Drake isn’t letting us have it all at once.


This is everyone’s honey in form of music. It has grown on all of us majorly because it has been out for a while now. His lines on this one are effortless; you already knew that.
Trap at its best. Drake brahs ok and off on this. His “loving his bed and his momma” only grips everyone now. I mean, this man has a whole ass son and he only loves his bed and his momma?
Asides the drama attached to the lyrics of this song, it’ll be played repeatedly and all we can do is love it. I mean, that’s God’s plan.


I don’t hate this song. I really wonder why people do not rate. I mean, I m a it’s Drake why do they pick on him so much.
The song has an infectious dull undertone to it but you’d still jam to it.
He’s give us ‘I’m upset’ to mention everyday lol. Drake has had better records than this but anyways I still stan.

7. 8 OUT OF 10

This beat starts off pretty hard. Oh it’s greater than good.
Drake comes off with his Cory ass lines, he’s such a player. He has to be the baddest? Non bad boy ever. “Kiss my son on the forehead and kiss your ass goodbye”. Why the subliminals?
Drake loves rap, I wonder what the RnB part B holds for us cause I prefer this side to Drake.
“Your big mad, I’m happy. Leave me alone”
Rude, proud Drake.


BEST! All capital letters. He starts off with piano keys. I did not know what to expect but my wig got snatched the moment the best came in. The trap in this is crazy and I live for it cause damn.
The Ad-libs are crazy, feels like its Quavo on that one. His flow and mastery of this song is extraordinary.
His lyrics though, sort of disturbing since XXX was just killed but then it’s Drake, pay no mind to him.
This song has me excited to be honest. I cannot hide the fact that the production is tight. Kudos to anyone who made this magic.


Trap! Trap!! Trap!!! Did Drake plan to body us? Yes or Yes? Gangster music here, you can hear the gun clicking. Hard Hard, Rock Hard beats. This is the classic Drake. I mean who is so corny to make a song with this kind of title, DRAKE!.
This song slaps so hard, I feel I’m invincible.
This is flames cause I know he be mocking someone. This is tight production right here. Aubrey does not disappoint.


A choir kind of intro.m, soulful ad calm. There’s a switch up which isn’t out there but there. The drums make it better and I completely love his song. Not ever rapper can rap over a soulful beat but here Drake is bodying it.
It’s no news that all Drake has been giving us are Instagram caption gems and Sandra’s rose has a ton of those.
Drake gave us everything we desired on a plate of gold. This song is cold, there’s bodies everywhere. I mean for a song that sounds so peaceful, Drake did turn down the heat; freezer level cold.


Knocks on the door. Not far fetched. A hard beat , I can already picture HOV’s beat on this one.
This is the 11th song in this album and Drake has not had one bad rap line. Bars are popping and it’s so intense.
Here’s HOV, doing the most with his magic. His flows and the lyrics attached has be crazy. He’s not forcing it, My Lord, Jay Z’s flows are Smokey.
Yo, “Y’all killed XXX and let Zimmerman live” . I’m out of here, Jay is outta pocket. Damn!


Is this a question? Is he asking us if we need more of his amazing rap music? Oh yes?! This kinda sounds like a song off a sample, not sure but we move. There’s not just one, not two but different catchy lines on this one.
A-side of this album actually bangs like damn. His second verse is clean, he delivers greatness right before our eyes.
This is an amazing way to end this part of the album. Amazing production, great lyrics and of course, Drake the greatest.

Perfect is the word to describe the A- side of this double album. Although I have not listened fully to B, I don’t think it’s necessary.
Everything we need to hear from Drizzy is right here, in side A.
In this 12 song part, Drake brought out the side of him that we know but had not seen since 2 albums before now.

He put out subliminals on Pusha that you could miss if you didn’t pay attention. That’s being mature but does Drake still have something up his sleeves? He’s not one to give up.

Drake sounds poised, focused and relentless on this side of the album and I’m so glad the haters can keep quiet now.

Great production on this track list and as we all know, it’s Drake, he’s be on our lips for a very long time.


“Emotions and a whole new level of what can be described as feelings, Drake sings for women on this side”


The first ever hip hop double album was released in 1998 by Dj Jazzy and The Fresh Prince. It’s safe to say that they opened up the eyes of hip up artists to an endless world of possibilities when it comes to music.
For Drake, a man who cherishes his legacy, it’s not far fetched that he has decided to make an A & B side on a double album.

This 13 tracks on the album’s B-Side are RNB according to rumours. Drake has hinted in the past to wanting to create an RNB album and finally he’s doing it.
Since Views which had a mix of RNB and pop, here we are again. He features Ty Dolla $ign, Hendrix, the late Static Major and the legend, Michael Jackson. Yes MICHAEL JACKSON.

Everyone’s eyes went bloodshot the moment Michael was  rumored to be on the list. There’s so much we’re expecting. This might actually break the internet. The pressures on!

From me to you, here’s my take on everything Scorpion has to offer on Side B. LETS GOOO


Song starts off with a low tempo to it. If you listen to A and drift to the B almost immediately, you might feel as lost as I did. It feels like a whole new album entirely. Is a nice turn away.
He’s talking so lovely. Yes A side was bumping but her reminds me of party next door on this one. There are weirdly places electronic chords but glory.
There was no need for the conversations with the woman. They were all overdoing it. Drake’s transition but it’ll just be number one, let’s see!


Oh the ladies are going to love this one. This song sounds like paradise, cheers to the beginning of the B side to the album.
The build up to this is so silky, go Drake! He’s throwing a whole lot of shade on summer side as it has me wondering if Side A is about his son and Side B for his baby momma.
I love the drums I’m hearing. Drake is going full on R&B on this one. This is better than peak. His vocals have never been strong but his melody has always been tight. Dope track, thanks 40!


Another slow tempo song. I can hear Ty Dolla $ign at the background. It’s easier to know the rapper he’s talking about when he’s sending subliminals but for women, I can never tell.
This should have been a Ty Dolla $ign and a PND combo, yet it still bangs.
“You’re old enough, but you still a baby” – old Drake, typical Drake lines, super corny.
This song sounds better when the mood sets in.


I still can’t get enough of this song. Months after since its release, it’s still on my lips, I don’t know about you. First of! Drake did a great job with the Lauryn Hill sample. This song is simplicity at its rarest form and yet it’s still on fire.
This is a summer all girls anthem. I think this should have been the music track or the ‘girls trip movie’ if it had come out this year.
The best on this song is everything and it’s even better that he did not have any features on this one.
This is a favorite, an honest favorite.


The production is super tight. Drake has all the right beats for the right kinds of song. Who’s he trying to actually finesse? ‘Can’t be in a room with you and stand on different sides’. That’s mad cute. Bet men would use that line in y’all ladies soon, keep watch sis!
The drums have drilled as the hook that pops up next is everything.
I’m beginning to love the RnB side to this album. Drake sure knows how to serve things really hot. This right here is the reason why I love him and his music.


I like the hip o hoop vibe of this song. A breezy summer and maybe a birthday anthem. The name, racy hey happy birthday does not come close to what this song feels like in my ears
Expected a bouncy sing with 2 chains and YG on it but on the A side but oh well.
I like the drums. I still wonder the women Drake has been singing about since he started this B side of the album.
Soulful finish but I might not listen to this twice.


Okay Drake? Easy tiger. This is a record. I’m quietly bumping my head to this song right now . This the kind of RnB I’ve been waiting for all this in the entire scorpion album.
I’m here for the mix in his rapping and singing b side the production itself is tight.
The Nicki sample gives it the needed spark and boom flames.
He’s talking bout that woman again. Wow Drake must really have a long list of women he’s been involved with.
He sounds mad tho, I mean, that’s how he feels!


Okay did u hear future? Did I? Did you? For a moment there a future and Take collaboration would be the best thing fright now. I can hear drums m. The RnB and trap mix goes well together. This ‘I had her on ice Then I watched the ice get thin’ okay
“Double my price, top of the charts, back in their hearts again’ bragging and more bragging.
FUTURE! His pitch has me screaming
This mix is everything. Oh shit. I like Futures hook but I wish it wasn’t so short to be honest. I like this song, it’s on me already.


Title screams “Aubrey Graham” cause I mean Drake is for the women. I love the fact that this has a rap side to it. Oh not bad, it’s great.
Who’s Kiki? If Drake wants her, I want her too. He wants someone else also okayyy.
Is this RnB or Hip Hop? My Day God, Drake what are you doing this to us? To me?
This song is going in really hard. Who’s these babes he’s mentioning. Drake is good at every kind of music to be honest.
Lil Wayne’s sample on this is icing to the cake. This is Love right here. The sample is perfect.
Drake using the CHAMPAGNE PAPI EPISODE OF ATLANTA gives this record 12/10.


How. Did. Michael. Get. On. This? I’m scared honestly. Did they get up a  mash up of him saying some words.
I like the slow build up, very soft drums. I like Drake singing about emotions, that’s cute. Their mix is one I wish happened when MJ was alive but oh well.
I just don’t understand how MJ is on this song. If he samples his song it’s gonna be different.
I can to concentrate, his voice keeps echoing. Skip please.


This is the kind of track you should on your “bae and chill” list. It’s super smooth and Ty Dolla $ign cements everything down.
There’s more life on this beat and the vocals are wild. Static Major, Ty and Drake makes the perfect combo on this one. Pity party it’s coming later but it’s still a fav.
Ty comes in as steals your song like he would steal your girl. It’s amazing how he does it effortlessly. His strong vocals always steal the show.
Great song, great production.


Is Drake a gamer? Hearing final fantasy has me thinking and. I like Drake raking over RnB beats. It’s wild.
This song is a vibe and it’s more captivating than I expected.
Drake is a better rapper than a  song writer but either ways he’s got talent for all of us to enjoy.
There’s silence, but why? A pause, this sounds strange.
A skit about a baby, I like his. Drake’s got us hooked, let us say grace!

13. MARCH 14

He’s finally confessed to having a child. Well not a confession, let’s say more of admitting.
Pusha went to destroy the moment Drake had tried to keep for himself. I’m upset really.
He’s spitting all the truth out on this record. He says he only met the girl twice “single at her I hate when I hear it”.
Is this him being remorseful?
Okay!. He reveals this baby indeed is born October just like him. Ah well a true son then. What are the odds?
I love how deep and thoughtful this track really is. “Changing from a boy to a man”. It ends with a piano.
Reminiscing just got better.

Though the A side of Scorpion slaps really hard, this shit knocks. I mean, it’s RnB, it’s gotta be a bit slow tempo filled. His transition in each song makes it even better.

The message in the album is definitive and straight. He’s talking about the women in his life and his relationship with them.
Maybe it’s just one woman, maybe there’s more but the theme of this song is straightforward.

Nobody knows g the album was written by him but I sure as hell know that the B Side was; its glaring.

Drake has given a response without actually giving one and that’s the beauty on the B side. He makes this music for the hearts. Let’s live it!

Go summer, Go!


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