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Kids See Ghost Album Review

Kids See Ghost Album Review

A collaboration made in Heaven, Kanye West and Kid Cudi team up to create a masterpiece in form of an album.

Kanye and Kid Cudi; the teacher and the student. Kid Cudi has always been Kanye’s side kick and they have, for more than a decade now, brought out the best sides of each other. Kid Cudi was his protégé, the heir to a kingdom unfinished but in the process of being built. Cudi has left a clear mark on various Kanye albums. Here they are, years after coming together to create a group ‘KIDS SEE GHOST’ for an album of the same name, which also has a track with the same name, wild!
They say that Cudi brings a sort of balance for Kanye and we hope for something better than we got with ‘Ye’, less chest burns and tension.

The 7 track album is produced by none other but Cudi and Kanye with help from Plain Pat and Andrew Dawson, “Kids See Ghosts” find the duo at their most likeable—and their most compatible.

Kanye has always been the perfect guide for Cudi’s talent, but is 2018 going to be that year? After ‘YE’, nobody really knows what to expect anymore. After a year of above par lukewarm collaborations, Kanye west and Kid Cudi work to either being a disappointment or actually prove to music lovers that their project is worth the wait.

Here is a review of the 7 tracklist album, fingers crossed!

1. “Feel the Love” Ft. Pusha-T

An exploding song accompanied by a stuttering intro, this album is not gonna fail you! Cudi’s voice envelopes my ears, it’s been so much a long time. There is some sort of swap which is effortlessly beautiful, and like a tag team, Pusha T comes in. He does wonders with Kanye’s beats, it’s surreal. There’s drums and it’s hitting the right notes, a beat switch. THIS IS KANYE! A beast for production. We’re back to baseline and it’s so soft. Kanye knows where to put what as Cudi’s rendition is rather soft then he returns back to intense.
G.O.O.D is not Kanye’s record label for jokes, this is good music.

2. Fire

The Kanye on this track is who we know and love and not the man who gave us ‘Ye’. He sounds more focused while he raps, concentrating while he flows through the delivery of his lines with ease. This is a short verse, delicious music.
Cudi starts rapping and he sounds good; Kanye hooked him up with this album real nice. Thank God this is strictly a rap album; no more no less. The background music is wild and hilarious, you could use it for time travel or a soundtrack for all the bad bad decisions you might make in the future. There is something about Cudi’s humming. Perfect hook, perfect production.

3. 4th Dimension

Kanye is back in his rapper mode with this one and i guess that is why they named it ‘4th Dimension’ Sampling, more sampling! Kanye is bac to drop bars like they are hot (Pun intended). He has the best flows in this album. We were not expecting these freshly cut beats Kanye. Even though Cudi is not the best rapper there is out there, Kanye made him seem like the te president with the right beats. Two great verses in a mix of an insane beat, Give Kanye a Grammy.

4. Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2) Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Could this be another vocal sample I hear? Kanye is here with the production again, like how does he do it? It sounds so minimal but you could feel it, you can feel it down your spine. I hope this group stays together because these two guys bring out the better side of eachother musically. Ty Dolla sign is featured on this one too. Can they form a three man tag team? His voice is melodious; he shows up and shows out! The insane vocal transition with each beat transition is wild. This sounds like a gospel rock band spiced up with harmony in their voices. This is what we have been waiting for, thank you Kanye, thank you Cudi.

5. Reborn

There is low piano key as Cudi comes in harmonizing. The past 4 songs have been a solid 1 and i know he will not mess this up, no he won’t! This just might be the motivation anthem for 2018, this song is so good, so warm, bare and pure; you could see right through him. Kanye’s rapping his ass off. Damn, this is the Kanye we wanted to see on ‘Ye’. The hook from Cudi is the ind of summer breeze that blows your entirty away. He’s talking about his personal demons. This right here is the song for motivation; you listen to this song and you can overcome any obstacles. The breakdown is pleasant to the ears. Cudi outdid himself on this one.

6. Kids See Ghosts Ft. Mos Def

Thin drums, I can hear thin drums. Mos Def comes in hard on this, alright! Totally not expecting to hear this much pleasant voice; glo-r-ious. This track is different but in a cool, strange manner that has a cool little whisper for a hook. Kanye is rapping, monter verses. Does he have a folder? An Archive? Something? This is the old Kanye, the very good Kanye, the Watch the Throne Kanye. 2011 is the last time we really got blessed by these kind of verses. He’s in the future! Feels like ‘Ye’ was not the album Kanye planned to release, give us the real one Kanye! Mos finally comes in with the hook, spoken words, easy on the ears. This record sounds foreign, the production is E.T.

7. Cudi Montage

Okay Okay! There’s guitar strings, a lot of this guitar in this song. Cudi starts off with a cool flow, no stressing it; just being himself! Bliss. There is more rappig than expected and I am loving it. There is some humming and singing in the mix, together, stay strong’ is being chanted, sensational.
What happens next is what is what I was not expecting. Kanye drops some heavy bars while rapping and he is talking about gun violence. This is some good stuff, the best rap we have gotten from him in a long time. This is Kanye, not ‘Ye’ Kanye.
For so much controversy over the past few weeks, he is forgiven. His hurtful words were heart piercing but yet he still has the guts to make this kind of good music. A genius, Kanye we stan!

This album is redemption. Before listening to this album, I was skeptical for Cudi. Why Kid Cudi you might ask? Well Kanye had succeeded in giving us ‘Ye’ which till today have had some people write him off. We did not expect so much anymore but boy did he prove us wrong.
Like your favorite couple, Cudi and Kanye do too good together musically and lyrically. One would say that this album is one with a purpose, fresh and innovative.

‘Ye’ was a sketch, ‘KIDS SEE GHOST’ is a masterpiece of a painting and to call this album anything but beautiful would be insulting.
What makes this album more appealing Cudi being transparent and free. Kanye doesn’t hold back either compared to his lyrics in ‘Ye’ which were more than a tad bit confusing. For G.O.O.D music as a whole, this is more than progress. Kanye the producer has outdone himself again.

KIDS SEE GHOSTS is music moving forward. Kanye is due to produce two more records, presumably in this format, with Nas and Teyana Taylor.


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