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Meek Mill Legends Of The Summer Review
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Meek Mill Legends Of The Summer Review

“A solid EP that reminds us all about Meek Mill and who he is”

After his release from prison, we heard “stay woke” which has been the only Meek release till date. The single came in strong, especially for a man who’s been in prison over something as silly as a parole violation. New music was anticipated and he did even better now with the release of his EP.
This, not a full length album, has come as a shock because 4 songs is not enough. Everyone wants to listen to the new Meek. So here we are.

Here’s my take on this short but explosive EP. Meek, let’s do this!


“The King’s back”, Yes he sure is! The start to this song really has me hyped. Swizz era right here, doing magic. Meek! There’s ducks and they have me excited. I’m floating right now. I’m feeling excited, I’m energized. Meek has intro for days. They give you a certain rug that you need. Okay okay , this song is an actual banger damn!
“Millidelphia” has me wheezing. I mean Meek has the smoke but this is harder. This one right here is all levels of energy and tenacity.
The bars he’s dropping are golden. The icon living line has a nice line to it lol. Meek knows how to introduce things and this here is the shit. The ends is fiery, love it!


This song starts off great. The instrumentals is hot. PnB Rock and Jeremih on a track, oh let’s see this. They are so smooth oh my Lord. Their shit sounds like sweet butter melting on my tongue. This is the song for Instagram captions and Snapchat queens (No offense Drake).
The mix that is Jeremih and PnB Rock is Perfection. This is a whole new Fresh Meek Mill and I am here for this.
This is Summer, we’re ready.


3. 1 AM

This song is going to make it to the club and strip clubs. I mean it’s a song about clubs. It’s a summer anthem I can feel it. Jahlil beats is up on this, you know this is going to e a monster track, a party track.
The Tempo is sick, the best is more crazy. Damn Meek’s so good at making anthems even while he sleeps. Yes he is that good. Nobody would know that he’s been away for 5 months oh My.
This third verse has a few sprinkles of Young M.A all over it. I hope Meek Mill recruits her for a remix. She would totally body this song if given a slim chance. Great song, all three songs so far have been hot numbers.
This is another hit.


Miguel is ok this and I really want to know what he’s bringing. Okay! I like Meeks flows. His bars are sting deep into my chests
“Mama taught you how to fight fight, before she taught you how to write write and daddy locked down in a cell, cant kiss you night night.” That’s something that’ll hit home for some.
Oh Miguel, mood magic. His presence in your music would elevate its cause. He’s so smooth.
Meek’s second verse is great as usual he passes a message to new rappers about his own poor life decisions.
“They did this on me on purpose because I wasn’t moving too perfect.”
Stay woke is a message in a message, Meek has bodied this.

Since he’s been gone for long, it’s obvious Meek knew that he has to come back with a bang. He knows and understands how to listens, accepts and listens to his music; his rap game is everything you could imagine.

The four songs of this EP “legends of the summer” describes Meek in a different light. This one is an hit track list would make it into any gathering and cause drama haha.
Different shades of Meek Mill are portrayed in this EP and he does it so well.

Legends of Summer is meek up’ing his game from what he’s done in the past. He’s showed us that he’s back and better. He’s focused, he knows what this is.

He is definitely the legend of 2018 summer with this Solid EP




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