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Nasty C Strings and Bling

Nasty C Strings and Bling Album review


Since the release of his mix “price city”, in 2015 that introduced home to music, Nasty C has solidified his stay in the rap industry, worldwide.
His debut album, “Bad Hair” was released in 2016 with its award winning single ‘Hell Naw’. The popularity of the album, led Nasty C to release an extended version “Bad Hair Extensions”.
Nasty C has risen to be one of the best rappers to come out of South Africa till today  alongside the likes of AKA and CASSPER NYOVEST.

The anticipated album, “Strings and Bling” has finally dropped after a little delay.
This is his first project since his deal with Universal Music Group. He has features from A$AP FERG, Kaien Cruz as well as Rowlene.

Here’s my take on “Strings and Bling” filled with my utmost attention. This is not a 1 listen review but a general one on the songs and the album.
May the forces be with us.

The 17 track album, starts of with BLISTERS. Now the gist expression on me the moment this song came on was ‘woah’. The song is pretty catchy on the ears and it has the rapper counting his blessings.

STRINGS AND BLINGS comes in as number 2. It starts off with a Spanish themed violin playing at the background. It’s a mixture of classic and urban production. Behind the salient chants and kumbaya is a kid who feels pain. His emotions are in plain sight while he’s singing.

JUNGLE is up next. The soft piano keys had me wondering what was on till the beats dropped and I knew I was in for the time of my life. This song is about a man who claims his crown and throne without any contest. The production is tight, his flows are crazy. NASTY C is really on fire. An easy 10/10 right here.

NO RESPECT AND LEGENDARY send out the same vibes. No Respect being 1 minute is him bragging over what can be heard to be xylophones or maybe drums? This would pass as a perfect interlude.
With Legendary, it’s a slow paced rap song. His lines in this are infectious. Slow tempo Nasty C is not what we are used to but this has a nice tune to it. He’s bragging a lot an I love it! Beat comes off as basic but great production. A “let’s chill” vibe.

U PLAYED YOURSELF! Nasty C bodied this one without even trying so hard. “I’m about to say all facts” he says as he starts off this track. He’s dishing out proper relationship advice. There’s a truck load of messages right here. An upbeat fashioned song, I live for this. It great how Nasty C diversifies on this song. “A song for those who are blinded by reality”, was the man whose voice echos on the outro.

SMA also shares the same kind of message. This is a break up song; well about love.
Rowlene is featured by Nasty C on this track and her angelic voice begins this soulful music “Send Me Away”. The mix between Nasty C and Rowlene is magic. They create magic together! There’s Rowlene on the chorus and Nasty C on the first verse. It reminds me of ‘love the way you lie’ – with Rihanna and Eminem.
The second verse finds the couple exchanging words up until they broke up. A 10 for me, I shed tears while I listened to this. Beautiful love tears.

KING has the keys up in the intro. The intro is crazy, lines are wild. He’s talking fake niggas, his supremacy amongst a those who think they could match with him.
A$AP FERG on this does exceptionally well on this track. A feature that might not have been needed but complimentary. There’s no space to breather while he’s delivering. Bars are back to back. Nasty’s verse is fire, A King! I Stan.

Nasty C comes in clean and bare with ANOTHERONE DOWN.This song starts off with an introspective fun with the perfect piano keys to with it.
He speaks about his weakness, his flaws. He talks life with lines that are deep and hit home notwithstanding.
A slow tempo, more than a slow tempo. Hugs.

Nasty C shows his love boy side in “CASSANOVA”, “MRS ME”, “MY BABY” and“EVERYTHING”where he features Kaien Cruz.
He sings about love, to whom his heart belongs to. There’s something I the production of all 4 songs. His rap lines are slow, he’s calm and relaxed.
It’s a good things because while being calm, his lines are still professing love. No one wants a rushed love song and Nasty C delivers just what his fans what.
Production is crazy. Who writes Nasty C’s song? Who’s his producer? Lastly, is there someone he’s in love with? For a badass rapper, this album has a ton of love songs.

JIGGY JAGGA comes I as the outro to the album and it is worth it. He tells everyone he’s not a celebrity while bragging about his feats. He boasts of his achievements since he got into the music industry in 2016 as he sings “I’m street smart, I’m gifted, the list goes on, it’s endless.
His mastery of his lines and explicit words give it more eargasm. I could play this more than a 100 times, no jokes.
He is calm, he makes me excited because he’s doing this effortlessly.

Nasty C’s Strings and Bling is a 17 tracked album with 52 minutes of fun, catchy lyrics filled with bop beats for the most.
There’s really a song for every mood in this album as Nasty C has shown that Hip Hop and Rap is worldwide and not limited to any continent.

Although there are no bad songs, Gravy, Givenchy and Do You Digg lack substance, they are exhaustive and tiring. Those songs should have been excluded off the album if I were to rate it a 10 over 10; yet still, no bad song.

His choice in featured artists are well thought out as none felt misplaced and delivered perfectly on each respective tracks.

If Bad Hair was impressive, Strings and Bling is a masterpiece. Great production, top notch bars and the perfect charisma to create the perfect album. In general , an 8.



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  1. Damilare

    17 July, 2018 at 4:13 AM

    go listen to do u dig again and givenchy….that hip hop shit and got really nice lines

  2. tony

    18 July, 2018 at 9:55 AM

    I totally agree with you. Strings and blings is an amazing album. really fun lyrics and vibe. by the way gravy is good too and it’s not exhaustive as depicted in your write up. For me, Nasty is the best rapper outta Africa right now.

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