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Pusha T DAYTONA Album Review

Pusha T DAYTONA Album Review

Will DAYTONA redeem Kanye with the effort he made towards this album? From songs about drugs (also of cocaine) to a diss track towards OVO’s finest, Drake, here’s DAYTONA.

Before you read this, please know that Pusha T changed the name of this album from KING PUSH To DAYTONA; every detail does matter! Let’s talk album art for a split second before we dive into the music. My first thought on seeing this album art is, why? Why, Why, Why? Why is Pusha T making use of the 2006 photo of Whitney Houston’s drug filled bathroom? Wrong or Right? We’ll let you decide.

One thing! KANYE WEST IS A GENIUS. Though he has serious flaws, major ones, when he comes to music production, he’s actually a genius.
Anyways, after Kanye’s return to Twitter and his announcement of producing some albums, DAYTONA by Pusha T is here.
It’s been 5 years since the release of ‘My name is My name’ which was his second studio album, and now DAYTONA being his third.
Though Kanye has been given several nods of disapproval by the black community, he is seen to be producing this first music album of G.O.O.D music this summer; DAYTONA.

The album is a 7- track one and definitely no room for mediocrity. The minimalist nature of the number of tracks, points towards either a masterpiece or just something basic.
DAYTONA is not just a release for G.O.O.D music but a way to actually redeem himself to the black community, he once told slavery was a choice.
Here is my honest take on this album after carefully listening to each line of each song.


Uh okay! A major turn on for this song is actually going straight to the point. It’s amazing how the beat as no build up and just goes straight to spitting bars. Pusha T’s flow in this song is absolutely flawless. ‘A rapper turned trapper can’t morph into us, but a trapper turned rapper can morph into Puff’. He really goes head to head on this trac without giving anyone a breathing space, Kanye did so much on this sample, i’m in so much awe. The entire beat used is madness, it banged!


This is Kanye on this track, you can definitely feel it. The use of pianos has my head spinning. A slight use of the trumpet makes the beat complete. Kanye is a genius, a mad genius.
In The Games We Play, Pusha, just like in the intro talks about drug dealing, his wealth and also celebrates his success while he mentions his influences.
This song is dope and Pusha T’s lyricism is one to reckon with. This is a top favorite on this album. An insane record.


In this track, Pusha T features Rick Ross. I don’t know the amount of cocaine that was taken to write this song but there’s a certain vibration i cannot put my fingers on. A song about the problems and blessings attached to being successful while Kanye actually shows up with a piano beat. This song lives up to its name – Hard Piano.
Listening closely, this song means the piano keys as well as cocaine, creative huh? The hook is performed by Tony Williams, though uncredited, it was flames.
Rick Ross being on this track sounds like a luxury drug dealer music. While passing a reflective message, they have a good time and freaked this song.


Oh the buildup to this track. I will never get tired of saying Kanye is a genius, because he is damn! He made a beast out of this beat, basic but heavy in the ears. He talks about his love of the cocaine and how much money he makes from it.
I think we can all agree that Pusha T has been rapping about drugs since he started his career, because he was a dealer.
This is soulful trap music, the hook is crazy “I need you darling to set me free, oh baby I’m about to go out of my mind.” You need to listen to this to feel the energy emanating from it. KANYE IS A GENIUS

Craziests beats off this album, no jokes! This song should win a Grammy, Kanye made these beats. HE MADE THESE BEATS. This song might be a sad one was Pusha tals about the tragic death of his friend De’Von Pickett. Santeria means ‘The way of the saints’ a Cuban religion that communicates with spirits. Pusha sings this track in order to cope with the pain attached to his loss.
Merely listening to this song you’d feel Pusha singing from his soul, only right.

This song was originally titled ‘How Do You Respond’. Love how Kanye is on this song but it is not a favourite of mine. 2 hours 31 minutes of crazy. The beat is okay, nothing really specially, maybe below average for me.
Kanye makes a lot of jokes on this track especially his intro to his verse ‘Too complex for ComplexCon’. Feels like he put in all his rant into this verse, turn off!
Still not a favorite from me, but it’s anye so it’s worth the listen.

Diss track alert! Yes Pusha is taking one huge jab at Drake. Without using direct words, he calls Drake fake and this is because of his use of ghostwriters.
Now! There’s context in the title of the song, as infrared light actually refers to light that is invisible to see but by using special devices, you’d be able to see. Sigh.
Nah! The beat off this song is insane, the background singing gives it a sweet sour taste. While taking shots at rapper, Pusha actually manages to give us a song that would start a war, loving it!

DAYTONA IS THE ALBUM! It is raw, refreshing and is not in anyway a forced vibe, especially for someone who has been out of the game for a while. From the first song, till the last, I was starstruck. Listening to this album more than once is a decision anyone should actually make. If you do not fuck with Pusha, this would actually Push you to do so!
An amazing way to kick off the return of G.O.O.D music, Kanye is GENIUS.


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