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Kanye West Ye Album

Kanye West Ye Album

An album about things we cannot place fingers on, Kanye delivers his opinion with a side of great beats and instrumentals; a full meal.

June is here, summer is almost upon us. Music is one thing that never goes out of fashion; no matter the weather, there’s always music for each mood. Rita Ora’s ‘Girls’ started out to be the summer anthem for this year, but there’ already more where that came from. It might not be spicy, but it is music.

A month ago and more, Kanye resurfaced, and he did while demanding our attention. He kept himself in the spotlight as usual, with a ton of his political tweets. Amidst the drama and fuss, he announced the release of a whole set of albums. The albums started out with Pusha T’s DAYTONA which was released May 25th, followed by his eight studio album titled ‘Ye’ which was released on the 1st of June.

As someone who is regarded as a ‘genius’ and an outright creative who is actually in a different class from most artists, there is so much that is expected from him. Despite his shortcomings and slurs which have been ruled out by most people, the question is if his music can put him back on the pedestal he was so highly praised on.

His new album has all the answers we search for. Is Kanye out of that sunken place? Will people listen to this album and forgive and forget, overlook and dismiss his statements? Let’s find out

1. I Thought About Killing You

Kanye what is this? He starts off by singing, it’s all good, auto tune, we love it. He kills the vibe as he stops singing. This seems more like a spoken word than actual music. He talks about killing someone, Kim? Trump? Who? He mentions killing himself, okay but why?
I don’t enjoy this song, why is he talking. The back and forth use of auto tune during these words make it more enjoyable to the ear. There is a lot of deep stuff in this particular song and it feels like a cry for help without actually asking for help.
Towards the end of this track, he actually does rap. You would most likely be all shades of bored if you do not skip to the end of this track.
This is one personal song. The kind of song you’d listen to in the shower and reflect on the words carefully. This is suicidal, I don’t like it.

2. Yikes

Okay! This is something I can work with. We know that Kanye is a genius with them’ beats and this is just a proof. Although this honestly bangs, there is no clear division of what the hooks or the bridges are. There is mad energy around this song. This feels E.T ish; some kind of futuristic theme song. Oh clubs are going to love this; a twerk anthem for the ladies. Summer is here, we’re ready.
One thing we know Kanye is great at is music production, all hands to him, but his lyrics never really have base except reference to people or side jokes.
There’s so much bars in this song, pull-out quotes if i do say so myself.
“You know how many girls I took to the titty shop.”
This is Kanye. There is so much passion in his voice, he loves what he is doing.
His lyrics as usual, are disturbing
“Sometimes i scare myself”, now this disturbing. Second track in a row, is he asking for help? The song points towards mental health. His second verse is aggressive, he’s upset.
“N*ggas tryin to test my Ghandi.” Kanye goes, “I Am a God” after he calls himself superhero and claiming to be bipolar. Something is not right here, how are we to confront someone who believes their bipolar disorder is a superpower?

3. “All Mine” ft. Valee & Ty Dolla $ign

The intro, everything called flames. He does good for this track. There is a sweet scent of Jeremih’s voice at the beginning of the song, is that really him? Ty Dolla $ign hops on it. Wild!
This sounds like future hit. The Kerry Washington and Naomi Campbell line feels like this is about Snoop saying Kanye needs to be around more black women. Or not. He mentions Stormy Daniels, oops.
Kanye’s rap is delicious. The kind of delicious that’ll make you ask for another round of food. His lines are singable but nothing you’d expect from a man who is married, but hey, it’s Kanye.
The ‘cum’ bar? Overdoing it, unnecessary too.
This is the kind of music you would sing at a concert and have the entire audience going wild; Kanye has the energy for this. This is A track, but not THE track. Next!

4. “Wouldn’t Leave” Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign

This song starts out feeling like a gospel song, solemn and sombre. Kanye mentions his comment about slavery being a choice and Kim calling him after screaming. A woman! This just might be a dedication to women, lets see.
Jeremih is on the hook and it gives this song what it needs.
This song is different, a favorite off the album. The second verse from Kanye is deep, nostalgic just might be the word.
This is THE song, it is amazingly good, I’m mind blown. The choir comes in and this song is lifted.
‘I don’t feel like she’s mine enough’. Kanye loves Kim. I think this is the message off the this song. Towards the end of the song, Kanye stops rapping and starts talking. There is something about Kanye when he sounds so pure and soulful. This song is a tribute to down beat women.
Everything ends perfectly with the piano keys.

5. “No Mistakes” ft. Kid Cudi & Charlie Wilson

A soulful song that begins with a low buildup. It’s soft, no rush. He talks about white in his beard. Does he mean Pusha T’s cocaine? Oh well. There’s a pause The tempo increases, it’s good music. On this song, Kanye reflects on the issues, financially and mentally, he’s struggled with since his hospitalization in 2016. There is a shot taken at Drake too.
Sampling Slick Rick ‘Hey young world’, this is an amazing production. How can someone build an album with this much madness? Kanye, Kanye is a genius

6. “Ghost Town” ft. John Legend, 070 Shake & Kid Cudi

Kids see ghost, Ghost Town, Kid Cudi. There’s something here. The song starts with a sample, the production has me screaming, Kanye, yo! THIS SOUNDS LIKE SOME DARK TWISTED FANTASY MUSIC, I WANT EVERYTHING.
Mumbling while singing, whoosh. Okay, number two favorite track. The electric guitar does justice. Kid Cudi and Kanye West on an album, yes we cannot wait. An entire madness. A song about mental health and depression, but yet not sad nor sorrowful.
Who knew Kanye and Cudi will have a soulful track? Nobody. A woman’s voice come in, she has murdered this, dead!
“We still the kids we used to be.” We can all relate to this line. KANYE IS A GENIUS. I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS BUT KANYE IS A GENIUS. If you hate Kanye, this song would write him off your naughty list definitely. Producing music is what he was born for, lets totally allow this; enjoy this!

7. “Violent Crimes” ft. Ty Dolla $ign, DeJ Loaf & Nicki Minaj

“Falling, dreaming, talking,” it sounds like Dej Loaf. This is the last song off this album, this is different. Mind blowing? No, but the message is powerful.
Kanye shifts his thoughts towards women in the society. The birth of his children, especially North and Chicago, who are female. He also brings up the fear he has concerning their future and how they might be treated by those whose thinking have not changed. He’s more open minded now, great! I thinke he calls men scum. Okay lovely.
The hook is wild but the verses might be a difficult pill to swallow. At the end of this track there is a voice note from Nicki, saying Kanye’s words about her.

Great production but way below average. We know Kanye sang about mental health, women and depression; we still do not understand the message from this album. There’s absolutely nothing here. This is a hot mess. You will definitely catch me dancing to this no doubt, but it’s the beat that makes it all complete. This album is personal and still not personal while at it; he does not give us any details, just little glimpses.
There’s very little clarity provided and with such a short album, it deepens our hunger. Not hunger for more music, but the need for clarity. WE WANT IT ALL KANYE

Still to come; here are other albums with dates dropping in the month of June:

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