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Editorials: Has Phyno Actually Had A Disappointing Year?




On the 27th of December 2018, popular music writer Joey akan, took to his twitter account to give his opinion on Phyno’s 2018, stating that he had a rather disappointing year and isn’t relevant or talked about due to the fact. Phyno felt tremendously slighted by the comment and responded to the tweet, calling him a ‘tribal fool’.

As they say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but as a music writer and journalist, your opinion on issues pertaining to Music would come highly recommended because the public perceives you as well informed, therefore your opinions should be backed up by facts and not seen as sentimental. Phyno did not see joey’s opinion has objective, and for a writer as prominent as joey, one can understand his aggravation.

Both tweets have sparked up a debate on twitter among music lovers, and ‘Phyno’ is currently the number 2 trending topic. Popular Blogger Noble Igwe also weighed in on the conversation, defending Phyno and making it known that phyno had a good year, and joey was just been myopic, seeing only the hype that ‘eko hotel christmas’ in lagos brings.


He also added that fans in the east were more loyal to phyno due to the the great impact he has made on them and igbo rap in general. Stating that he would actually sell out stadiums (as he has done in the past) and not common venues. While making that point, he also threw slight shades at fans of the more ‘relevant’ artistes who source for free tickets as seen this december. He also added that joey’s comment was disrespectful to Phyno. In his opinion, Phyno deserves the same respect that is given to MI in rap because phyno paved the way for young rappers, boosting their confidence and making it cool to rap in igbo, after he popped, more rappers from the east started to believe in their abilities.

The latter argument does not really carry any weight as to whether Phyno had a good year or not, it only references his past achievements. However his first argument about phyno making good music this year, signing an act, buying a rolls royce, as well as playing a major role in a movie purchased by Netflix as his defense for why phyno had a good year, is valid in a sense and we think so for the following reasons:

1. Music released – Phyno did not have such a disappointing 2018 in terms of Music released , contrary to how joey akan might have made it seem through his tweet. Phyno was certainly not irrelevant in 2018 and his single N.W.A which featured Wale and Fuwa Sewa, were both huge and kept phyno in the conversation this year. He also dropped one chance which featured dancehall maestro Kranium , Isi Ego, Oil and ‘Iyilu Ife’ among others. This was not disappointing.

2. Phyno the actor – Phyno took a step further into the world of versatility by venturing into acting in the year 2018. The movie Lion heart, Directed by Genevieve Nnaji starred Phyno, and this movie has been acquired by Netflix and it premiered at the Toronto International flim festival in Canada. We can’t really back Noble Igwe’s claim that phyno played a ‘major role’ in this movie, however his appearance would mostly likely increase the audience for him as well as giving his existing fans something different to look forward to from him.

3. Money Moves – We think Joey akan might have made his conclusion also because phyno did not have a concert like ‘phynofest’ this year. However Noble Igwe argued that Phyno had been getting booked in different places all through the year, and therefore shouldn’t be looked at as ‘not popping’ because of the seeming frenzy brought about by December shows in Lagos. In the same year when Phyno acquires a rolls Royce and signs a new act, one can agree that this buttresses Noble igwe’s argument as regards phyno having a good year in that light as well.

In conclusion, we do not think that Phyno had a bad or disappointing year. Maybe he has set the bar so high in previous years, that when he does good or does differently, certain people might feel like he fell short by a large margin. What do you think though?






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  2. Toke

    28 December, 2018 at 2:43 PM

    Phyno did not Ave a bad year . based on all he has done top igbo rap as a whole .

  3. Philip

    3 January, 2019 at 1:23 AM

    Good one from Phyno

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