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Editorials: Top 5 Music Videos For May 2018



Top 5 Music Videos For May

Top 5 Music Videos For May

The world love is relative and when it comes to music, you really cannot choose whose song you love. Music videos are more intense and captivate you than you already have. This year has brought a lot of good music, and the month of May showed us more great videos.

In case you’re part of those who have listened to these songs, but wonder what the videos are like, we’ve got you!
We have watched all videos that dropped this month and we would like to share with you, our favorites. These are my Top 5 music videos for May, in no particular order.


Where has J-Lo been? In Dinero, she teams up with Dj Khaled and Cardi B. Seems Cardi is making money moves this year like she said. This video is fancy, and what makes fancy more fancy? Black and White. This is a bilingual song and its video is hella delicious.
The video shows J-LO bowling with a Diamond covered ball barbecuing in lingerie wearing pearls, while sipping a crystal encrusted Slurpee; MONEY MOVESSS!!!
There’s also this iconic shot of both J-LO and Cardi B reading each other’s pages in Time Magazine. Who toasts marshmallows over a burning pile of cash, baths with a unicorn? J-LO
Like the name says, the video shows a whole lot of MONEY. Robert De Niro has a cameo on this and if you are not careful, you just might miss it.


‘Be careful with me’, are the words that come out of Cardi B’s mouth as she goes for her wedding then the burial of her husband, in the video of her song ‘Be Careful’. There are two halves to this music video. Cardi B in the first half is seen in a gorgeous wedding gown, going into the church, with all witnesses present looking stunned and expressionless all through.
The other half unravels around the death of Cardi’s husband. Cardi B is seen driving to church, dressed in a Jet black dress, black lipstick, blac make up, black gloves and even a black hat. She looks like a widow, only that she is far from being bereaved or remorseful. The same attendees as her wedding are here again, with the same look on their faces. After this, she leaves the church and is seen riding off into the sunset all by herself.
This is one video everyone MUST SEE!!!



Adam Levine, the star of this group sings about various girls. The video starts with him singing. Everytime the camera turns around him, it reveals a beautiful lady who lip sync while dancing. Maroon 5 really went all out which stars like Camila Cabelllo, Wonder Woman; Gal Gadot, Aly Raisman, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Behati Prinsloo, Adam’s wife as well as their daughter.
Honourable mention of Cardi B who is featured with a verse to helself. She’ dressed in A yellow Jacket, giving beauty to the video.


American Rapper Jay Rock is back and on this with Kendrick playing his hype man; which was a great idea. The video starts off with a lot of trumpets and both men show up in a suit. There’s smoke and fire works in the air. This is a summer anthem actually.
This video has a lot to it to actually swallow. Different concepts and visuals at once. From playing pool, to sports and trophies which signify ‘win’, there’s a lot of blackity. No one knows the context behind this video, but yeah the message passed is just fine. It’s a honest favourite.
SZA, Isaiah Rashad and Ab-Soul also had cameos.


This might just be the video of the year. Remember I said this might be in no particular order, but this video so far in 2018, is video of the year! Childish Gambino aggressively talks about everything negative going on in the U.S.A. If there is anything the internet has showed us over the past, decades, couple of hundred years if i do say so, is the fact that it os a violent nation – especially towards the minorities and smaller groups. It is a nation resistant to change.
Childish Gambino hints the Charleston shooting of 2015, where in the video he guns down a group of choir members, which also points towards terrorism. He is also seen dancing with a group of teenagers right after the shooting which hints that these black kids have found a way to adapt to the trauma these issues cause. Towards the end of the video, we see Gambino running down a dark hallway, which might be compared to ‘the sunken place’

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