GeofficialMix Speaks On “How To Identify A Good Music Producer”

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GeofficialMix Speaks On “How To Identify A Good Music Producer”

GeofficialMix is a sound creator/producer at “AyeeshaMusic”.
He’s not inspired by the herb/liquor but by Jah.
Quote: Music is simply what you make of it.

Being popular doesn’t make you a good producer, over the years we have seen music producers rise and fall, some say it’s destiny’s call, others say is misuse of the opportunity they once had – yes y’all are right to a certain extent but the major factor is flexibility.

A flexible person can bend through time and move with the process, we all know change is the most constant thing in life.

So how do we identify a good producer?

  • First He/she should be grounded with the knowledge of one or more musical instruments.
  • Secondly He/she should be patient enough to communicate and understand where the musician or artiste is coming from and going to.
  • Use of musical tones should be properly understood and applied based on the mood and content of the song being created.

You can not always get it right, so be willing to seek the opinion of other professionals. If majority sincerely tell you it’s a good job then you are on the right path, if not seek a different approach to the music.
Don’t expect an applaud from everyone.

The most IMPORTANT of them all is the ability to change with time. Learn to be flexible and not rigid with ideas; because the way music was played in the 90’s isn’t the way it’s being played now, so definitely more changes will come, so be ready to fit into time.

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    1. Georacle!!! We anticipate GoodMusic, we anticipate GeofficialMix. The best thing soon to happen to the world called MUSIC!

  1. Nice one! That’s why you are one of the best producers in Africa…… Your best is yet to come…… A producer that helps to bring out the best in an artist….. Bless up and kudos

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